August, 2010

Aug 10

Adobe Media Encoder not hinting MP4 files?

After compressing some clips for a recent project, something strange was happening – the Flash Player would always download the whole mp4-file, before it started playing it. After some research it became clear that there were no streaming information – or as they are called “hint tracks” – embedded in the files. When exporting via handbrake or Quicktime Pro the resulting files would contain those tracks (you have to enable “streaming” in the output options). Bad luck, as neither handbrake (always crashed on encoding raw input files) nor Quicktime (no 2-pass encoding and no batch options) worked for us. As always some command line magic helped, but this isn’t the optimal solution as missing hint tracks can easily be overlooked.

But for the curious readers – the following approaches are working:

Using mp4creator:

mp4creator -hint=1 movie.mp4
mp4creator -hint=2 movie.mp4
mp4creator -optimize movie.mp4

(first hinting video and audio track, afterwards optimizing the structure)

Using MP4Box:

MP4Box -hint -mpeg4 movie.mp4

It isn’t completely clear to me if only the hint-tracks have the outcome that the files aren’t streamed by flash or if it is the fact that the MOOV-atom isn’t positioned at the beginning of the file.

Aug 10

Eclipse + Processing

This tutorial on processing in eclipse should speed up the first developments: tutorial on – no need to leave your accustomed workspace any more ;)

Need some candy to to warm you up? Here you go!

toxiclibs showreel from postspectacular on Vimeo.

V&A Decode generative identity from postspectacular on Vimeo.