March, 2011

Mar 11

When touch just isn’t enough

Always wondered how to control your Parrot AR.Drone in a more exact and stable way? Maybe even over longer distances than the integrated WIFI can provide? Well, look no further – Andreas just set up the Ardudrone project on Googlecode (

“This project contains all required binaries and scripts as well as the source code for modifying the Parrot AR.Drone to be controlled by a standard RC Remote Control. The RC receiver is connected directly to the drone and sends the commands directly with the help of an Arduino board. ”

Mar 11

Getting into Flashplayer 11 & Away3D 4.0

Lazy saturdays … playing around a bit with the previews of Away3D and the new Flashplayer 11 incubator build gave me some impressive results – an unoptimized model of over 917.000 polys with 3 dynamic lightsources and shading running at 12 – 15 fps on a rather poor Geforce 9400M! Can’t wait until those technologies are ready to roll in public & stable builds.

(Audi R8 courtesy